Light field camera software

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The new Raytrix camera series record the complete 4D lightfield of a scene. Compared to standard cameras, which only record a flat 2D projection of this scene, the image data delivered by the raytrix cameras can to be interpreted from different point of views and with different refocus settings. Therefore a 4D lightfield consists of many different 2D pictures which can be calculated by the raytrix camera-software. The raytrix camera-software is not only userfriendly but works also in realtime which makes it suitable for many realtime image processing applications. Images can be rendered from the 4D lightfield data with different parameters:

  • Software refocus
  • Multiview perspectives
  • Stereoscopy
  • 3D depth estimation

With the raytrix camera-software you can interprete lightfields taken by the raytrix camera series. With the powerful Raytrix light field camera software API / SDK interface you can easily integrate the Raytrix cameras into your software or any other software package.

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CLUViz Visualisation Tool

CLUViz Full Package CLUViz Full Package 2014-07-29 | 59.6 MiB

The CLUViz visualization tool.


  • . CluViz
  • . Runtime Engine
  • . Updater

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