Raytrix Light Field SDK  5.0
Rx::SStdVbo Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A standard vertex buffer object (VBO).

Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
 Resets this object. More...

Public Attributes

bool bReserved2
bool bReserved3
bool bReserved4
bool bUseColor
bool bUseEdge
bool bUseFogZ
bool bUseNormal
bool bUsePartId
bool bUseTexture
bool bUseVertex
EGlDrawMode::ID eMode
 Vertex array mode. More...
int iVertexCount
 Number of vertices in this VBO. More...
unsigned ** ppuIndexLists
 Array of pointers to index lists. More...
unsigned * puIndexListLengths
 Array of corresponding index list lengths. More...
 Pointer to the array of vertices. More...
unsigned uIndexBufferID
 External created Index Buffer Objects. More...
unsigned uIndexListCount
 Number of index lists. More...
unsigned uVertexBufferID
 External created Vertex Buffer Object. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ Reset()

void Rx::SStdVbo::Reset ( )

Resets this object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bReserved2

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bReserved2

◆ bReserved3

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bReserved3

◆ bReserved4

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bReserved4

◆ bUseColor

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUseColor

◆ bUseEdge

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUseEdge

◆ bUseFogZ

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUseFogZ

◆ bUseNormal

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUseNormal

◆ bUsePartId

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUsePartId

◆ bUseTexture

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUseTexture

◆ bUseVertex

bool Rx::SStdVbo::bUseVertex

◆ eMode

EGlDrawMode::ID Rx::SStdVbo::eMode

Vertex array mode.

◆ iVertexCount

int Rx::SStdVbo::iVertexCount

Number of vertices in this VBO.

◆ ppuIndexLists

unsigned** Rx::SStdVbo::ppuIndexLists

Array of pointers to index lists.

◆ puIndexListLengths

unsigned* Rx::SStdVbo::puIndexListLengths

Array of corresponding index list lengths.

◆ pxVertices

SStdVertex* Rx::SStdVbo::pxVertices

Pointer to the array of vertices.

◆ uIndexBufferID

unsigned Rx::SStdVbo::uIndexBufferID

External created Index Buffer Objects.

◆ uIndexListCount

unsigned Rx::SStdVbo::uIndexListCount

Number of index lists.

◆ uVertexBufferID

unsigned Rx::SStdVbo::uVertexBufferID

External created Vertex Buffer Object.