Raytrix Light Field SDK  5.0
Rx::SStdVertex Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A standard vertex.

Public Attributes

char bEdge
 Edge flag. More...
float fFogZ
 Fog z-component. More...
char pbPad [3]
 Padding (reserved for future use). More...
float pfCol [4]
 RGBA color value. More...
float pfNorm [3]
 Normal coordinate vector. More...
float pfTex [3]
 Texture coordinate vector. More...
float pfVex [3]
 Vertex coordinate vector. More...
unsigned uPartId
 Part ID for picking of object parts. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const int iOffsetCol
static const int iOffsetEdge
static const int iOffsetFog
static const int iOffsetNorm
static const int iOffsetPartId
static const int iOffsetTex
static const int iOffsetVex

Member Data Documentation

◆ bEdge

char Rx::SStdVertex::bEdge

Edge flag.

◆ fFogZ

float Rx::SStdVertex::fFogZ

Fog z-component.

◆ iOffsetCol

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetCol

◆ iOffsetEdge

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetEdge

◆ iOffsetFog

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetFog

◆ iOffsetNorm

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetNorm

◆ iOffsetPartId

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetPartId

◆ iOffsetTex

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetTex

◆ iOffsetVex

const int Rx::SStdVertex::iOffsetVex

◆ pbPad

char Rx::SStdVertex::pbPad[3]

Padding (reserved for future use).

◆ pfCol

float Rx::SStdVertex::pfCol[4]

RGBA color value.

◆ pfNorm

float Rx::SStdVertex::pfNorm[3]

Normal coordinate vector.

◆ pfTex

float Rx::SStdVertex::pfTex[3]

Texture coordinate vector.

◆ pfVex

float Rx::SStdVertex::pfVex[3]

Vertex coordinate vector.

◆ uPartId

unsigned Rx::SStdVertex::uPartId

Part ID for picking of object parts.