RxLive 5.0

RxLive is designed to assist any project that requiers a raytrix camera. This application allows you to observe, modify and work with 2D and 3D data originated from a raytrix camera. RxLive grants access to a varity of tools and features that ensure the best possible results while working with light field sources.

We’re constantly working on improvments for RxLive’s current state, aswell as expanding its functionality and consolidating existing features. Our goal is to create a application that will suit the requierments of any solution that involves a raytrix light field camera.

Light Field Engine

The Light Field Engine downloads encompass everything you need to control your light field cameras and process the light field raw data to obtain 2D images and 3D depth maps. The downloads are ordered by the major release version. We strive to allow for parallel installs of different major versions but this is not always possible. Please contact us for details.

Important note for developers: The C/C++/.NET APIs and the MVTec Halcon plugins contain breaking changes between major versions. That is, you will have to adapt your application program when you migrate to a different major version of the light field engine.