3D Light-Field Cameras with 4D Plenoptic Depth Sensors | Single Standard Lens Hartmann-Shack-Sensor Exchangeable Main Optics Shack-Hartmann Sensor One Shot Capture RGB-Depth-Map Point-Clouds Extended-Depth-of-Field Robust and Reliable Space Saving Setup Multi-GPU Support Aerospace Approved Multiview Stereo 3D 24/7 Approved Underwater 3D High Accuracy RGB-Z Passive 3D Monocular 3D Light-Field Vision Plenoptic Cameras Microlens Array (MLA) nvidia CUDA Support Machine-Vision Scaleable Field-of-View Downto Micron Resolution Deep-Learning Scaleable Depth-of-Field Occulsion-Free Inline Computational Imaging Calibration-Robust up to 103 MegaRays Global-Shutter Video up to 1,35 GigaRays up to 26 MegaRays Microscopy Multi Focus Plenoptic Camera

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Design, features, and specifications are subject to change without notice.