3D Light-Field Plenoptic Cameras | Single Standard Lens Exchangeable Main Optics One Shot Capture RGB-Depth-Map Point-Clouds Extended-Depth-of-Field Robust and Reliable Space Saving Setup Multi-GPU Support Aerospace Approved Multiview Stereo 3D 24/7 Approved Underwater 3D High Accuracy RGB-Z Passive 3D Monocular 3D Light-Field Vision Plenoptic Cameras Microlens Array (MLA) nvidia CUDA Support Machine-Vision Scaleable Field-of-View Downto Micron Resolution Deep-Learning Scaleable Depth-of-Field Occulsion-Free

Technical Specifications
4D Plenoptic Image Sensorup to 65 Megarays for 60 FPS video, 12 Megarays for 340 FPS high speed, and 151 Megarays for 6 FPS.
Sensor for RGB, Mono and NIR spectrum available.
Lateral Resolution in X and YMax. 25% of original image sensor resolution Rx, e.g. R26 delivers max. 26 x 0.25 = 6,5 MP resolution
Data FormatRGB-Z, RGB-Depth, PCD Point-Clouds, Bitmap, SDK for direct Matrix and Array Data Access, Raytrix RAY-files, and many more…
Extended Depth-of-Fieldthanks to the patented multi-focus Microlens-Array (MLA) technology we, the DoF is being extended up to factor x6
Frame Ratemax 340 FPS with R12 at full resolution (and CoaxPress computer interface).
Binning and ROI is also possible optional.
3D depth resolution Approx up to several 1.000 discrete depth layers, strongly depending on object being captured in 3D
Microlens Array (MLA)Polymer on Glass F/2.4, F/2.8, F/4, F/5.6, F/7, F/8, F/26, F/30 (we offer full customized micro lens array optics meeting your needs)
Multi-Focus Microlens-Array Worldwide Patent
Computer InterfacesCamera-Link, CoaxPress, USB3, GigE, Dual-GigE, 10GigE, PCIe
Lens mount C-Mount, Nikon/F-mount, M42, M58, M72
Software support MVTec Halcon plugin interface, SDK/API programming interface for Microsoft Windows, supports HMD such as the Oculus Rift, NVIDIA 3D
Hardware requirements>8GB VRAM, NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, Titan V, RTX Titan, RTX Quadro, SLI and Multi-GPU support
Software requirements Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64bit), CUDA, latest nvidia Studio Driver
ApplicationsVideo, VR/AR/MR, Immersive Sports, Fluid flow (3D Particle tracking, PIV), Light Field R&D, machine vision, plant research, animal research, visual quality inspection, scientific imaging, surface inspection, life science, …
Operation EnvironmentsIndoor/Outdoor, 24/5 Industrial Production Lines, Aerospace, Underwater, Robotics Endeffectors, Mobile, Nuclear Plants, Parabolic Flight